Our 5th Designer Collection!

Kyrene Someday Project

Launch Date: 12/2/2022, 12pm

Our 5th collection features Kyrene @Somedayproject. Someday Project focuses on the exploration in crafting floral arrangements for any occasions. We hope to experiment and present an alternative of such creations, particularly in dried flowers. Though often perceived as 'dead', they grow into another form after a period of time and we value such change. At Someday Project, we like our friends dead or alive.

The Collection features 4 floral scents; Wild Roses, Lily of the Valley, Lush Succulent and Sunflower Sandalwood:

Wild Roses | Deep pink flowers that blossom in summer that are powerful symbol of love, simplicity and beauty. Fragrance of pink roses with assorted wild musky flora, perfect for any romantic evening.

Lily of the Valley | Pure white flowers that symbolise purity, youth, sincerity, and happiness. Fragrance of pure lilies in the valley with beautiful sweet floral scent suitable for a wind-down session at dusk.

Lush Succulent | Luscious fleshy leaves that symbolises endurance, positivity and unconditional love. Fragrance of luscious honey and juicy succulent leaves perfect for a calm Saturday afternoon.

Sunflower Sandalwood | The embodiment of summer, bright yellow petals that symbolise strength, loyalty and lasting happiness. Deep floral fragrance of a field of sunflowers, appropriate for lighting towards the end of a wonderful day.


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