Collection: Kaydles x TaterAlley

About Collection:

In our pursuit for optimal health, TaterAlley had begun taking up more and more physical activity, but some things just feel off. We felt that more could be looked after and through discussion, we have found out that a healthy body can be at its peak only when “all of you” are taken care of. We have discovered that the “You” that you often neglect are your Mind, Heart, and Soul. Choose from the 3 different scent to enhance your Mind, Heart, Soul. Heck, get something for all three.

About TaterAlley:

TaterAlley is a partner-duo content creators on livestream platform. Their content aims to educate their community members about the things that they aren’t taught in school, at the same time, learn what they have experienced. Focusing lifestyle, travel, and mysticism, TaterAlley hopes to bring their community along their everyday journey, discovering and experiencing something new every now and then. Perhaps one day, they’d learn something from you, and you, something from them?